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Staff Writer|04.07.2012

Six Czech operational programs ‘at risk’ of losing EU funding

Czech Minister for Regional Development Kamil Jankovský (LIDEM) has identified six operational programs that are “at risk” of having EU funding cut off — Transport, Environment, Research and Development, Enterprises and Innovation, Integration, and the North-West Regional Operational Program (ROP).

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Staff Writer|02.07.2012

Pavel Blažek to be named Czech justice minister

Civic Democrat (ODS) deputy chairman Pavel Blažek is set to be named the new justice minister on Tuesday, less than a week after fellow party member Jiří Pospíšil was unexpectedly sacked for alleged poor financial management.

Staff Writer|05.06.2012

Ukrainian on trial for abusing over 100 Czech girls

The trial of a 25-year-old Ukrainian man accused of abusing 118 Czech girls from across the country, including many well below the legal age of consent, began on Tuesday in the District Court of Česká Lípa. His youngest alleged victim was eight years old.

Staff Writer|24.05.2012

Prague authorities shut Amsterdam-style brothel

Authorities in Prague 1 have closed a brothel off of the capital’s most famous square that raised the ire of local residents by literally showcasing half-naked prostitutes in windows lit by red neon lights, such as are associated with the regulated sex industry in Amsterdam.

Staff Writer|23.05.2012

Wife of ex-Czech PM publishes brothel business guide

Former translator and current wife of former Czech Social Democrat prime minister Jiří Paroubek, Petra Paroubková, has added a Czech version of a successful Austrian guide to running a brothel to her publishing company’s offering. Tips in the book are said to make general business sense with the publisher insisting she is not condoning the brothel business per se.

Staff Writer|14.05.2012

Racial relations in Czech Republic strained, poll shows

The latest poll on public perceptions as to the state of relations between the white majority and Roma (“Gypsy”) minority found that 82 percent see coexistence of the two groups in the Czech Republic as generally bad, with 56 percent of respondents saying it was problematic in the area where they live.

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Staff Writer|26.01.2012

Cristina Muntean, AmCham Marketing Committee chairwoman

Cristina Muntean, a media advisor and trainer with Media Education CEE was elected this January the first chairwoman of the Marketing Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Prague (AmCham).

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Staff Writer|04.11.2011

Piraeus refutes information in Czech Position article

Czech Position has received a statement signed by Piraeus Bank’s deputy general manager, George Poulopoulos, refuting information published by and cited in Czech Position article “Greek tragedy for Czech PPF group: Piraeus Bank investment almost wiped out.” The bank says it has filed a libel suit against

Staff Writer|03.11.2011

Russia says pilot error caused hockey team plane crash

Russian air experts have blamed pilot error for a Sept. 7 plane crash that killed 44 people, nearly all members of the top ice hockey team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, including three Czechs, saying that one of the two pilots in the cockpit had also taken a banned medication, news agencies reported from Moscow.

Staff Writer|21.10.2011

Tiffany & Co. to open Prague store, first in CEE

US jewelers Tiffany & Co. have announced plans to open a store in Prague in the summer of 2012, marking the luxury retailer’s first location in Eastern Europe. It will be located on Pařížská Street, the Czech capital’s high street, directly opposite a Gucci store.