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Petr Matějček|23.05.2012

Most Czechs favor restaurant smoking ban

A smoking ban is again on the agenda, with the Ministry of Health preparing an amendment to the Tobacco Act that could enter into force as of January 2013. Those pushing for it include PM Petr Nečas and parliamentary health committee chairman Boris Šťastný. Slowly, the Czech public, too, has also come to favor anti-smoking legislation – and reseach shows restaurateurs stand to do more, not less business, once a ban is in place.

Petr Matějček|16.04.2012

Bontonland CEO: Half-crazed kids won’t save music industry

Apple’s iTunes, Supraphonline, MusicJet and Spotify ... is there room on the Czech market for another legal download model or streaming service?Bontonland, the largest domestic chain of music, film and computer game stores, thinks it has hit on a winner. In an interview with Czech Position ahead of its launch, CEO Lešek Wronka talks about the service – and the deplorable state of the music industry.

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Petr Matějček|02.04.2012

Occupy Prague: We must ask ourselves if we want this kind of capitalism

Czech activist Jan Cemper wants “real democracy” — and he wants it now. The main objective of his group, which draws its inspiration from foreign protest movements such as the Indignados and Occupy Wall Street, is to organize tent protests in the capital and other cities starting from April 28.  Under the name Occupy Prague they intend to build a tent village to serve as a venue for debate over alternatives to the current political-economic system.

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Petr Matějček|09.03.2012

Do Czechs need an Internet Freedom Act?

The Czech Pirate Party (ČPS) has presented its controversial new draft Internet Freedom Act, which is based on the principle that the state should not intervene in this form of “free media.” The act aims mainly to prevent spying on, censoring or disconnecting of users; it would also ban violating so-called network neutrality by transferring legal responsibility for users’ behavior onto the Internet service providers.

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Petr Matějček|05.03.2012

Strange Czech bedfellows: What about the pirates?

Protest happenings, demonstrations, seminars, interviews with journalists, TV appearances, debates with politicians – the Czech Pirate Party (ČPS) is experiencing an unprecedented boom. The commotion around the controversial international anti-piracy agreement ACTA has ensured the Pirates a place in the limelight. They say politics make for strange bedfellows; which parties are open to cooperating with the ČPS?

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Petr Matějček|09.02.2012

‘Anonymous is the ideal of direct democracy in practice’ says Czech activist Great Troll

In the wake of attacks on the websites of the Association for the Protection of Rights for musicians (OSA), the Czech government, center-right Civic Democrats (ODS) party, and street demonstrations against the Czech Republic’s signature on the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement (ACTA), the Anonymous movement has been propelled to the forefront of media attention although the exposure has not shed so much light on its its functioning and aims.

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Petr Matějček|01.02.2012

Czech Euro MPs oppose ‘completely wide of the mark’ ACTA

The signing of the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement (ACTA) by 22 EU member states, including the Czech Republic, has met stiff public opposition across Europe. The group Anonymous has led cyber attacks on the websites of governments, institutions and corporations, while ordinary Internet users are signing petitions. Thousands may join in a protest march organized by the Czech Pirate Party this Thursday; where do Czech Euro MPs stand?

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Petr Matějček|14.09.2011

Czech Pirate Party: Metro ticket barriers to be used for surveillance

The Czech Pirate Party (ČPS) held a demonstration on Tuesday against the planned installation of turnstiles in the Prague metro. Dressed in reflective jackets, party activists blocked the way to the platform at the busy I.P. Pavlova metro station, with mock barriers labeled ‘ticket barrier trial’ and distributed leaflets with information about the city transportation authority’s (DPHMP) plans.

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Petr Matějček|31.08.2011

Nova TV Internet boss says Google steals content

In early 2012, Google TV will be launched in Europe enabling users to watch various terrestrial channels, buy and download films and other programs, and visit social network sites via the portal. Some experts predict the service will mark a new era in television, but the head of internet at CET 21, the owner of the most-watched private Czech broadcaster, Nova, rules out cooperation.

Petr Matějček|11.08.2011

Cyber security and hacking insulin pumps

“A load of blogs and fat people wanting to have sex with you,” was how US comedian Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka described the internet just a few years ago. But the world-wide web today is much more than a circus of oddities formed from ones and zeros. We use the internet to work, communicate, to shop and pay bills, to archive… Slowly but surely it has become the backbone of our society.



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