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Brian Kenety|07.05.2012

Zeman gaining on Švejnar, Fischer still leads

A new public opinion poll shows presidential hopeful Miloš Zeman, the former Social Democrat (ČSSD) prime minister, gaining ground on Czech-American economist Jan Švejnar — in the battle for second place. However, the latest Factum Invenio poll shows that Jan Fischer (unaffiliated), who served as prime minister in a caretaker government, would still win by a comfortable margin with 24.4 percent of the vote compared to 17.8 for Švejnar and 12 percent for Zeman.

Markets & Finance|Economy
Chris Johnstone|29.02.2012

Former Czech bank governor to advise Brussels on bank reforms

Zdeněk Tůma has been named to an advisory committee which should propose what reforms to make to the EU's banking sector. The advisory group has been put together to advise interventionist French Commissioner Michel Barnier, although Tůma has not been noted in the past for favoring too much central or local regulatory measures.

Politics & Policy
Tom Jones|24.11.2011

Prague mayor keeps post with TOP 09 coalition coup

Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS) has pulled off a tactical move that insures he will keep his post. On Thursday morning, he met with the elected representatives of TOP 09 — without the knowledge of over half his party colleagues in the Prague assembly — and concluded a new coalition deal under which he will keep the mayoral seat, even now that ODS has ended its coalition with the ČSSD.

Politics & Policy
Chris Johnstone|23.11.2011

Prague mayor wants Natland to come clean on ownership

Prague mayor Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS) could well have become just too much to bear for the party’s cronies governing city hall when he demanded Natland come clean about its real owners. Natland Group, a majority shareholder in the majority council-owned city waste company Pražské služby, was also facing moves by Svoboda to block or alter a huge contract it was lined up to win.

Politics & Policy|Companies
István Léko|21.12.2010

Ex-central banker and would-be Prague mayor heads to KPMG

Blocked from becoming mayor by the Civic Democrats (ODS) and Social Democrats (ČSSD) marriage of convenience, TOP 09 candidate Zdeněk Tůma is back in business with a “Big Four” auditor.

Politics & Policy
Tom Jones|13.12.2010

Most Praguers find ODS-ČSSD coalition ‘immoral,’ poll shows

The majority of Prague residents are “unsatisfied” with their new mayor and further consider the alliance between the center-right Civil Democrats (ODS) and the center-left Social Democrats (ČSSD) in the city’s assembly to be “immoral,” according to a poll by the Center for Analysis and Empirical Studies (SANEP).