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Tom Jones|23.01.2012

Reserves at Europe’s last uranium mine ensure production for 5 years

The Rožná uranium mine near the village of Dolní Rožínka, around 45 kilometers (km) northwest of Brno, has reserves to ensure the continuation of production for at least another five years, the concern’s management has announced. Diamo says the newly ascertained reserves are worth at least Kč 3 billion; local representatives hail preservation of jobs. 

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Tom Jones|21.09.2011

Industry minister backs extension of first Czech nuclear plant

Speaking at the conference Energetické Třebíčsko 2011 on Wednesday, Czech Minister of Industry and Trade, Martin Kocourek (Civic Democrats, ODS), announced that the government is counting on extending the lifespan of the Czech Republic’s oldest nuclear power plant Dukovany, and building a fifth reactor block at the country’s other nuclear plant, Temelín, after 2020.