Economy|Czech numbers
Chris Johnstone|10.05.2012

Czech jobless total slips below half million mark in April

Czech unemployment slipped to 8.4 percent in April with the total figure of jobless dropping just below the half million mark. 

Economy|Czech numbers
Chris Johnstone|10.04.2012

Czech jobless rate slips to 8.9 pct in March

A bigger than expected cut in the Czech jobless rate occurred in March with just over 16,600 being wiped from the unemployment total and the overall rate slipping to 8.9 percent.

Politics & Policy|Society
Tom Jones|29.03.2012

Czech gov’t moves to reduce number of non-EU laborers

The Czech state intends to reduce the number of foreign laborers from outside the EU by stopping the issue of work permits top those without secondary school qualifications. Many Czech firms, however, say their businesses depend on foreign workers and that attempts to fill positions with Czech nationals have been unsuccessful.

Economy|Czech numbers
Chris Johnstone|08.03.2012

Czech jobless total edges up to 9.2 PCT in February

Against expectations of a flat figure, Czech unemployment rose slightly in February to stand at 9.2 percent, the fourth month in a row for worse jobless statistics.

Economy|Czech numbers
Chris Johnstone|24.02.2012

Czech economic confidence climbs in February

Confidence in the Czech economy has risen f0r the second  month in a row, largely thanks to industrial and service companies, the latest monthly index compiled by the Czech Statistical Office suggests. Consumer confidence, however,  fell back even though unemployment fears appear to be easing.

Chris Johnstone|08.02.2012

Czech unemployment rises to 9.1 PCT in January

As expected, Czech  unemployment climbed in January to reach 534,089, or 9.1 percent of the active workforce from December's 8.6 percent. The ratio of job seekers to every vacancy widened to an average 1:15.5 with little improvement in the overall jobs picture expected soon.

Brian Kenety|05.01.2012

Nearly half of Czechs over 50 unemployed

A major study of the Czech Republic’s labor market presented on Thursday by social scientists from Masaryk University in Brno warns that work opportunities for middle-aged and senior citizens have been shrinking at an alarming rate, and policies are not in place to address the situation, the weekly Ekonom reports.

Markets & Finance|Economy|Society
Tomáš Hlaváč|30.12.2011

2012: an alarming forecast of what may lie ahead

In recent weeks and months there has been a deluge of articles speculating about the possible scenarios for the escalation of the current crisis and their impact on states, companies and citizens. The common trait of all these forecasts is that they are based on unknown circumstances such as the breakup of the eurozone, demise of the euro and bankruptcy of EU-member states.    

Economy|Czech numbers
Tom Jones|09.12.2011

Official Czech jobless rate ‘omits 300,000 people’

According to official figures, unemployment in the Czech Republic currently stands at around 8%, while the EU calculated the average for the 27 member states at 9.8%, and 10.3% for the 17 countries in eurozone, in October. The news server says, however, that the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ) has omitted 300,000 unemployed, including graduates and school leavers.

Economy|Czech numbers
Chris Johnstone|08.12.2011

Czech jobless rate rises to 8.0 PCT in November

As predicted, Czech unemployment rose in November by 0.1 percentage point to 8.0 percent with vacancies falling to boot. The jobless trend is seen worsening following layoffs in industry and stagnant production.