Chris Johnstone|26.10.2011

Czech gov’t says church restitution deal will only cover Communist seizures

The Czech Ministry of Culture has given assurances that an historic deal over restitution with religious groups – which was decades in the making – is not in danger and will not stretch back to assets taken before the Communist seizure of power in February 1948. But the episode has highlighted some of the unjust seizures that took place before Communists were fully in power.

Tom Jones|21.03.2011

Verdict in trial of chief auditor expected Friday

Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ) president František Dohnal stands accused of misusing public funds by renting unjustifiably expensive apartments since taking up the post in 2005. The state prosecution claims that Dohnal has caused material damage to the state amounting to Kč 1.1 million. If found guilty, Dohnal — who claims the case is political — could face up to five years in prison.

Politics & Policy|Companies
István Léko|21.12.2010

Ex-central banker and would-be Prague mayor heads to KPMG

Blocked from becoming mayor by the Civic Democrats (ODS) and Social Democrats (ČSSD) marriage of convenience, TOP 09 candidate Zdeněk Tůma is back in business with a “Big Four” auditor.