Staff Writer|23.05.2012

Wife of ex-Czech PM publishes brothel business guide

Former translator and current wife of former Czech Social Democrat prime minister Jiří Paroubek, Petra Paroubková, has added a Czech version of a successful Austrian guide to running a brothel to her publishing company’s offering. Tips in the book are said to make general business sense with the publisher insisting she is not condoning the brothel business per se.

Politics & Policy
Ondřej Koutník|16.05.2012

Jiří Paroubek’s fouls in high-stakes political game

Jiří Paroubek’s new party LEV 21 is an ambitious project that seeks to become a political pike in the pond of Czech left-wing politics and an alternative to the Social Democrats (ČSSD) and Communists (KSČM). But during its short existence, LEV 21’s boss has shot wide of the post and scored own goals, with allegations of murky financing and ties to Prague lobbyists sullying the upstart party’s name at a time when the voting public is ready for change.

Politics & Policy|Society
Brian Kenety|15.12.2011

Ex-Czech PM’s wife ‘violated’ law via holiday home buy

Jiří Paroubek, the former Social Democrat (ČSSD) chairman and prime minister, and his wife may have unwittingly opened themselves up to a police investigation after making public the purchase agreement on their new holiday home in Greece; ironically, they had done so in a bid to prove the deal was above board.

Politics & Policy|Society
Brian Kenety|14.12.2011

Ex-Czech PM Jiří Paroubek earns millions despite flagging book sales

The high advances and royalties that former Social Democrat (ČSSD) prime minister Jiří Paroubek and his second wife Petra have earned for penning their memoirs have long raised eyebrows. According to the Czech daily MfD, no “reputable bookseller” believes the sales figures for his latest books to be true, copies of which are selling “suspiciously well” via direct sales from his publisher.