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Staff Writer|02.07.2012

Pavel Blažek to be named Czech justice minister

Civic Democrat (ODS) deputy chairman Pavel Blažek is set to be named the new justice minister on Tuesday, less than a week after fellow party member Jiří Pospíšil was unexpectedly sacked for alleged poor financial management.

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István Léko|28.06.2012

‘Mr Clean’ sullies his reputation with Justice Minister’s recall

Justice Minister Jiří Pospíšil (ODS) was sacked without warning — and apparent provocation. It seems Prime Minister Petr Nečas caved in to pressure from those within his party (and the ‘godfathers’ behind them) who fear an effective prosecution service. But the public smell a rat, and this is the biggest mistake of Nečas’ political career thus far. Once seen as ‘Mr Clean,’ he is now thought to have dirtied his hands.

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Martin Shabu|27.06.2012

Reformist ODS Justice Minister Jiří Pospíšil sacked over ‘mismanagement’

Prime Minister Petr Nečas (ODS) told a news conference on Wednesday he had ousted Justice Minister Jiří Pospíšil he had lost confidence in his fellow party member’s ability to manage his ministry and its finances, over a request for an extra Kč 1 billion for the Prison Service at a time of belt-tightening. But sources say it was Pospíšil’s shake-up of the judiciary system and failure to quickly appoint a top prosecutor to Nečas’ liking that led to his sacking.

Chris Johnstone|28.05.2012

Czech election poster defacer faces new charges over prison evasion

A political protester who has become a Czech hero for his stand against a jail sentence in the wake of defacing election campaign posters now faces new charges for going under cover to stay out of prison.

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Chris Johnstone|24.05.2012

Czech PM warns national public budget deficit could double on EU fund problems

Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas (Civic Democrats, ODS) gave a brutal warning that the country’s budget deficit could jump to a staggering 6.0 percent of GDP if the billions of euros in payments from EU funding for programs now frozen — due to doubts in Brussels about how the money has been used and accounted for by the Czechs — are not cleared up.

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Ondřej Koutník|23.05.2012

Church restitution deal will collapse if not reworked, ODS emigrant warns

Former Civic Democrat MP Michal Doktor warns the draft church restitution deal may not win sufficient support when it comes before the lower house for its second reading in June. The vote may represent a real test for the center-right Czech government in rallying its troops behind a widely unpopular proposal. Doktor suggests the financial settlement could be softened for the state in order to keep the settlement on track.

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Chris Johnstone|22.05.2012

Czech general strike delayed as unions seek signs of concessions

A threatened general strike aimed at upping pressure on the Czech government to drop pension reforms and public spending cuts will not take place before the summer holidays but is still on the cards unless there are signs of concessions say the Czech Republic’s biggest grouping of trades unions.

Foreign Affairs
Chris Johnstone|21.05.2012

EU-Canada trade deal in jeopardy if visa problem not solved, Czech PM says

Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas has warned his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper that obstacles to a pending Canada-EU economic and trade deal are on the cards from Prague if Ottawa doesn’t life its visa requirement on Czechs visiting the country.

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Chris Johnstone|11.05.2012

Karolína Peake’s LIDEM gets signatures for party registration

A week after unveiling its name, LIDEM, the political platform centered on Public Affairs (VV) refugee Karolína Peake says it has collected enough signatures from the public to be registered as a political party.

Chris Johnstone|10.05.2012

More than 90 PCT of Czechs unhappy with political situation

A near record high of unhappy Czechs with the country’s political situation is registered by a poll carried out in the second half of April and released Thursday. The ruling coalition faces Senate and regional elections in the fall with the outlook looking pretty grim for the governing parties.