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Tom Jones|08.12.2011

Czech tabloid launches petition demanding authorities crack down on corruption

A week after Czech PM Petr Nečas was derided for claiming his government has done more to fight corruption in its 18 months in power than was done in the previous 10 years, the tabloid Blesk on Thursday launched an online petition calling upon the police and judiciary services to thoroughly investigate corruption scandals — and published a list of “top 20” most-corrupt politicans and businessmen.

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István Léko|26.10.2011

Who will feed ex-Czech PM Jiří Paroubek’s new party?

Who is financing the left-wing party through which former Czech PM Jiří Paroubek is looking to stage his political comeback? Where will the ex-chairman of the ČSSD raise the estimated Kč 100 million his new “Left 21” party will need for its campaign to enter Parliament? Thus far, no one has tracked down the sponsors, but the trail is getting hotter, and signs point to Natland Group.