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Brian Kenety|27.04.2012

Anonymous to shut Czech political parties’ sites during Occupy Prague protest

Members of the global group of cyber activists (“hacktivists”) operating under the banner Anonymous have threatened to take down the web sites of all Czech parliamentary parties on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. in an attack dubbed “Operation Extinction.” The denial of service attack will coincide with protests by Occupy Prague calling for “social and economic justice.”

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Petr Matějček|02.04.2012

Occupy Prague: We must ask ourselves if we want this kind of capitalism

Czech activist Jan Cemper wants “real democracy” — and he wants it now. The main objective of his group, which draws its inspiration from foreign protest movements such as the Indignados and Occupy Wall Street, is to organize tent protests in the capital and other cities starting from April 28.  Under the name Occupy Prague they intend to build a tent village to serve as a venue for debate over alternatives to the current political-economic system.

Guest Writer|23.11.2011

Running mild in the streets: why Czechs don’t protest

The Velvet Revolution aside, truly large-scale demonstrations remain far, far rarer in the Czech Republic than in Western Europe. According to a 2009 report from Inventura Demokracie, a youth-based advocacy group pressing for more civic participation in everyday life, young Czechs are reluctant to engage in civic activities. Should the powers-that-be equate quiet streets with a satisfied population?

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Brian Kenety|23.10.2011

Alessio Rastani: Satan, psychopath, or Occupy Wall Street poster boy?

‘I have a confession. When I go to bed every night, I dream of another recession.’ With these words, London-based trader Alessio Rastani became an overnight sensation, saying ‘Goldman Sachs rules the world’ and the €2 trillion eurozone bail-out plan was of little consequence. Now, the trader is siding with the Occupy Wall Street movement, a protest he says is ‘not against capitalism’ but anti-corruption and corporate irresponsibility.