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Tom Jones|12.04.2012

Police make arrests over Czech EU presidency fraud

Jaroslav Veselý, the founder and owner of the firm ProMoPro which was paid hundreds of millions of crowns by the Czech government for providing audio visual equipment and interpreting services during its EU presidency, has been arrested by anti-corruption police.  The affair threatens current Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra (Civic Democrat, ODS), the former minister for European Affairs.


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Tom Jones|02.03.2012

Prosecutions pending in alleged Czech EU Presidency embezzlement case

Charges will be filed against representatives of ProMoPro, which in 2009 provided audio-visual and interpreting services to the Czech government during the EU Presidency, and an official in the Czech Government Office, Hospodářské noviny (HN) reported Friday. The news come following an investigation lasting over a year; according to the daily, then-EU affairs minster Alexandr Vondra will not face charges.

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Tomáš Hlaváč|29.09.2011

ProMoPro: Who is behind the offshores?

Prague prosecutors have asked UK authorities for help in tracing companies related to a high-profile case of alleged fraud around the audiovisual services firm ProMoPro that occurred during the Czechs’ EU Presidency. Just as ČEZ’s Martin Roman was (allegedly) traced to offshore trusts getting payments from Škoda Plzeň, so too could be the elusive Inteprod Ltd., which got some Kč 135 mln via ProMoPro.

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Kateřina Menzelová|05.04.2011

ProMoPro: How did Orco get entangled?

ProMoPro, the firm contracted to provide audiovisual and interpreting services during the Czech EU presidency in 2009, paid Kč 378 million to the firm NWDC as a subcontractor. It has yet to be revealed for what or why NWDC received this sum, but Czech Position has discovered that NWDC was sold for a ridiculously low price — at the start of the Czech EU presidency. And the owner is not who it is reported to be.

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Martin Shabu|17.02.2011

Kč 134 million blocked in ProMoPro case

“Public demand” was the reason Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek (TOP 09) gave for calling a press conference on Thursday to reveal the ministry’s findings in its investigation into payments to ProMoPro, the company that provided audiovisual services during the Czech EU Presidency in 2009.