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Petr Nováček|09.05.2012

A new ‘red glow’ over the Czech Republic?

Political polls continue to show broadening support for the main two Czech left-wing parties, the Social Democrats (ČSSD) and Communists (KSČM), and give them a majority in the Lower House. But that creates a pretty big dilemma for ČSSD leader Bohuslav Sobotka, who is prevented from party rules from forming any coalition with the party to his left even if there may be no real alternative on his right. The low risk of relying on “silent” Communist support also carries its own hazards.

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Petr Matějček|02.04.2012

Occupy Prague: We must ask ourselves if we want this kind of capitalism

Czech activist Jan Cemper wants “real democracy” — and he wants it now. The main objective of his group, which draws its inspiration from foreign protest movements such as the Indignados and Occupy Wall Street, is to organize tent protests in the capital and other cities starting from April 28.  Under the name Occupy Prague they intend to build a tent village to serve as a venue for debate over alternatives to the current political-economic system.

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Petr Nováček|23.05.2011

Coalition dodges Cabinet shake-up — for now

The center-right coalition government is pushing ahead at all speed with its pledge to deliver reforms although not all of them appear that fundamental. But it is avoiding getting to grips with the really big issue of a promised Cabinet reshuffle despite demands from junior coalition partner Public Affairs (VV), which faces a leadership contest.