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Guest Writer|19.04.2012

Legalize it? Czech film examines medical use of cannabis

The use of cannabis in the treatment of serious illnesses is the subject of a new Czech feature-length documentary titled “Rok Konopí” (“Year of Mari©huana”), which is premiered at Prague's Bio Oko cinema on Thursday. Legislation currently before parliament should lead to a green light for the medical use of the drug here although what form it will take is as yet unclear.

Chris Johnstone|24.10.2011

Czech firms likely to be cleared to grow medical marijuana

A working group tasked by the Czech Ministry of Health to pave the way for medical marijuana to be prescribed here now says local companies should be licensed to grow and process the narcotic commercially. Previously, imports alone had appeared the frontrunner option for meeting demand. The Czech Medical Chamber has also outlined conditions where marijuana might be used.

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Chris Johnstone|14.09.2011

Czech Health Ministry signals steps to legalize medical marijuana

Top officials in the Czech Ministry of Health have signaled a turnaround in its long opposition to medical marijuana. They say amendments allowing the soft drug on prescription will be prepared by the end of 2011. Czech officials, however, are still looking into how a surefire system for sourcing and distributing the soft drug without it going on sale to the wider public can be introduced.