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Martin Shabu|16.07.2012

Czechs bought three CASA aircraft for price of four, 2005 document shows

Czech Position has obtained a detailed price offer from November 2005 addressed to the Ministry of Defense’s armament section that supports allegations that the Czech Army got a raw deal on the purchase of four CASA C-295 transport planes. The document is part of the file upon which the police are charging ex-defense minister Vlasta Parkanová for allegedly violating her fiduciary duties in signing off on a 2009 deal.

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Brian Kenety|12.07.2012

Ex-Czech MoD stripped of immunity to face prosecution over CASA


Vlasta Parkanová (TOP 09) resigned on Wednesday as deputy speaker of the House after MPs voted 117 to 45 (with 14 abstentions) to lift her parliamentary immunity so that she can be prosecuted over a contract to buy CASA transport planes for the Czech Army, which were allegedly unneeded and deliberately overpriced by at least Kč 658 million.

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Kateřina Menzelová|20.06.2012

CASA corruption case legal cause célèbre, but unlike Pandur tender

Parliament’s immunity and mandate committee took no decision at their session Wednesday on the question of allowing MP Vlasta Parkanová (TOP 09), the former defense minister, to be prosecuted on abuse of office and other charges for her role in the 2009 purchase of CASA transport aircraft. But whether she can even be held liable for the ‘deliberately overpriced’ CASA contract is a matter of contention.

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Brian Kenety|14.06.2012

Czech police seek to charge ex-Defense Minister over CASA deal

Czech anti-corruption police have asked for Vlasta Parkanová (TOP 09), the deputy speaker of the lower house of Parliament and a former defense minister, to be stripped of immunity so that she may be prosecuted on abuse of office and other charges for her role in the 2009 purchase of CASA transport aircraft. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) had looked into allegations of corruption regarding the CASA deal, which Brussels later said ran afoul of public procurement rules.

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Martin Shabu|22.03.2012

Finance Minister Kalousek wants direct control of EU fund audits

With billions of crowns in EU funding frozen, the Czech government is finally taking action. Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek (TOP 09) is planning to gather all the auditors responsible for controlling EU grant expenditure from various regions and regional bodies into a single unit within his ministry. According to a number of sources, however, the Finance Ministry holds its fair share of responsibility for misuse of EU funds and flawed surveillance.

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Kateřina Menzelová|23.02.2012

‘Elite’ civil servants with clear criminal accountability sought

Preparations were announced last week for a new law on the Czech civil service, which according to Prime Minister Petr Nečas will result in the state, regional, and local government administrations being depoliticized. However, the PM failed to spell out the planned law's role in the government’s wider anti-corruption strategy. 

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Tom Jones|19.01.2012

Czech MoD cancels suspect order of Jackal armored cars

It appears Minister of Defense Alexandr Vondra (Civic Democrats, ODS) has at the last minute managed to avoid yet another scandal over military orders. Czech military intelligence planned to buy three Jackal armored cars reportedly for service in Afghanistan. Vondra cancelled the order on the grounds of the planned withdrawal of Czech troops from Afghanistan.    

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Brian Kenety|03.01.2012

Czech police indict 11 MoD staff over rigged, inflated contracts

Czech anti-corruption police have accused another 11 people in connection with allegedly conspiring to inflate the price of tenders to repair buildings owned by the Ministry of Defense. Among those suspected of corruption is the ministry’s former head of acquisitions at the Military Housing Stock Administration, Roman Hošt, the daily Mláda fronta Dnes (MfD) reported on Tuesday.

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Tom Jones|08.12.2011

Czech tabloid launches petition demanding authorities crack down on corruption

A week after Czech PM Petr Nečas was derided for claiming his government has done more to fight corruption in its 18 months in power than was done in the previous 10 years, the tabloid Blesk on Thursday launched an online petition calling upon the police and judiciary services to thoroughly investigate corruption scandals — and published a list of “top 20” most-corrupt politicans and businessmen.

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Brian Kenety|07.12.2011

Ex-Czech defense minister Barták says Tatra bribery charges flawed, politicized

Martin Barták, widely presumed to have been charged by anti-corruption police for attempted fraud and bribery in the military’s Kč 2.6 billion order for Tatra all-terrain trucks in 2006, says the charges against him are flawed, trumped up and politicized — and key witnesses like ex-US Amb. William J Cabaniss can’t even recall basic details of the alleged bribery attempt.