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Michael Stein|07.12.2011

Guitar great Gary Lucas reconnects with Bohemian roots

American guitarist Gary Lucas has played a striking variety of music — from the avant-garde rock of Captain Beefheart to Chinese pop of the 1930s to collaborations with musical luminaries such as Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, John Zorn and David Johansen, as well as with his own band, Gods and Monsters. In his latest album, Lucas takes on the pantheon of Czech classical music with a modern touch thrown in.

Arts & Leisure
Raymond Johnston|22.11.2011

Films that are music to one’s ears

Film is usually regarded as a visual medium. The international festival Movi(e)ng Music will shift the focus. Festival director Jiří Králik was inspired by similar festivals, but saw a gap on the Czech film scene. He has put together a small but ambitious festival with live music, new and classic nonverbal films, and the works of noteworthy composers.