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Pavel Matocha|06.12.2011

Who was really responsible for blocking investigation of MUS privatization?

The Swiss investigation into alleged corruption during the privatization of Czech mining firm Mostecké uhelné společnost (MUS) has dominated the front pages of the Czech dailies in recent weeks. But most media have presented a fairytale according to which billions of crowns are waiting in Switzerland to be collected by the Czech government with the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague interfering.

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Brian Kenety|24.11.2011

Swiss uncover fresh evidence of corruption in Škoda Plzeň sale

Swiss detectives probing the MUS case have discovered that after its purchase of Czech engineering giant Škoda Plzeň, the controversial Appian Group transferred a staggering Kč 150 million in “consultation fees” to a Virgin Islands shell company — which in turn sent it on to firms connected to reputed Czech mobsters and a consulting firm that was advising the Czech state on the Škoda Plzeň sale.