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Michael Stein|16.05.2012

Czech Literature Night goes European

What began as a local Czech project called Literature Night has now spread from Prague across the continent, with Czech and European authors appearing and having their work read from London to Yerevan. The night is celebrated differently in different locations, whether it’s a showcase of emerging writers in London, Romani writers in Munich, or Czech actors reading from European writing in Prague.

Michael Stein|13.04.2012

A life on ice: Bohumil Modrý and Jáchymov

In the late 1940s Bohumil Modrý was on top of the world. As an ice hockey goaltender he had six Czechoslovak championships under his belt as well as two World Championship victories. In 1948 his Czechoslovak team won the Olympic silver medal at the games in Switzerland. These considerable accomplishments would eventually lead to tragedy; the horrible fate of Modrý and his teammates has been recounted in the novel Jáchymov by Austrian writer Josef Haslinger.

Chris Johnstone|11.04.2012

First Czechs recognized for ‘third resistance’ against communism

The first 23 Czechs have been recognized for their role in the so-called “third resistance” against the communist regime that seized power in Czechoslovakia in February 1948 under a new law which took effect at the end of last year.

Chris Johnstone|05.04.2012

Czech historian produces death tally for communist uranium camps

Historian František Bártík has worked for three years to compile a list of those Czechs and Slovaks who perished as forced labor prisoners in the regime’s uranium mines and camps which sought to meet the Soviet Union’s hunger for the raw material for nuclear weapons.

Tom Jones|20.06.2011

Police investigate Penta over unique radon spa sale

The High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague has confirmed that police are investigating the sale of Lázně Jáchymov radon spa by Penta Group to entrepreneur Martin Burda. Change of ownership of the shares in the unique spa was suspended after the collapse of brokerage KTP Quantum in 2002. Investment firm Penta, which was holding the shares in the spa as collateral, claims it sold the company — not the shares.