Politics & Policy|Society
Jan Brabec|09.07.2012

Interview: Why Czech writer Jáchym Topol joined ‘quixotic’ Greens as Senate hopeful

With the elections to the Czech upper house of Parliament only some five months away, political parties are trying to lure voters in with new faces. To its list of new heavyweights Senate hopefuls like the prominent sociologist Ivan Gabal and former Constitutional Court judge Eliška Wagnerová, the Green Party (SZ) has added a figure with star power: writer, journalist and former dissident Jáchym Topol.

Society|Arts & Leisure
Michael Stein|14.03.2012

Czech writers being (re)discovered

Nothing lasts forever, and the recent losses of Václav Havel and Josef Škvorecký emphasize the finitude of what was probably the greatest generation of Czech writers. Fortunately, there are numerous younger writers whose work is becoming better known at home and abroad, while for English speakers there remain prominent figures in Czech literary history still to be discovered.