Chris Johnstone|18.04.2012

Tesco hails success of Prague experiment with shopping

The launch on online shopping and home delivery by retailer Tesco in Prague at the start of the year has been a bigger success than the company expected, according to a statement accompanying its group results. The Czech capital was picked as the first in Central Europe for the experiment with sales soon to be rolled out in Warsaw.

Arts & Leisure
Raymond Johnston|14.03.2012

Celtic roots are showing for St. Patrick’s Day

While Prague does have historical links to Celtic tribes, nobody really needs an excuse to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, the celberation of the patron saint of the Emerald Isle. The 15th edition of the Irish Music Festival brings bands from abraod as well as local acts together for a four-day celebration highlighted by a day-long concert on Wenceslas Square.


Politics & Policy|Foreign Affairs
Tom Jones|29.02.2012

Czechs won’t sign EU fiscal treaty, Nečas confirms

Prime Minister Petr Nečas says cabinet ministers in the three-part coalition government have given him a mandate not to sign the EU’s new budgetary discipline treaty at the EU summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday. Nečas admits, however, that the cabinet remains divided over the treaty while again stressing that the Czech Republic could always on to sign on to it later.

Economy|Foreign Affairs
Tom Jones|20.06.2011

Next Greek bailout could cost Czechs Kč 3.5 bln

Emerging from the meeting of EU finance ministers in Luxemburg on Monday, Czech Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek (TOP 09) told reporters that as a part of the European Financial Stability Mechanism (EFSM), of which all the EU member states are members, the Czech Republic may be obliged to contribute Kč 3.5 billion towards guarantees for a second Greek bailout package.

Michael Stein|21.04.2011

Ambassador Kafka sees Czech and Irish parallels

For many writers the acronym MFA refers to the Master of Fine Arts. For Tomáš Kafka, MFA instead refers to his employer, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He told Czech Position that his appointment as ambassor to Ireland helped him to start writing in English. He also sees a connection in how Czechs and the Irish portray history — in small pieces rather than as a big picture.

Raymond Johnston|04.04.2011

Poll: Only one in five support adopting euro

Most Czechs are against adopting the euro and don’t consider the European Union to be credible or effective, according to a new SANEP poll. Lending money to indebted EU countries was also an unpopular notion, as was extending EU membership to Turkey. The only bright spot was for Iceland, which Czechs would welcome into the 27-member bloc.

Raymond Johnston|07.03.2011

Eurostat: Women work less after each child

The level of employment for women across the EU-27 drops for each child that the woman has, according to statistics released by Eurostat to mark International Women’s Day on March 8. The Czech Republic follows the same trend. Men, on the other hand are more likely to work after the first and second child. There were seven times as many single moms across the EU as single dads, which rose in the Czech Republic to nine times as many single moms.

Markets & Finance|Foreign Affairs
Cristina Muntean|23.12.2010

ING: Germany driving shift in European fiscal policy

Germany, the largest European economy and the Czech Republic’s top export market, set a strong example of fiscal discipline before and during the financial crisis. Now, the German economic way of thinking is being adopted by more and more countries that had been living beyond their means prior to the downturn, says Mark Cliffe, chief economist of the ING Group.

Luděk Bednář|16.12.2010

Czech economy unlikely to suffer Ireland’s fate, top managers say

The differences between the Czech economic situation and Ireland’s are vast, according to top level managers polled by Czech Position. There are some voices, however, that say the situation could in fact be likened to the problem in Greece and that there is a risk factor in the proposal for next year’s budget.

Michael Stein|06.12.2010

Is the euro worth the risk?

For Irish economic consultant Moore McDowell, there is a clear and identifiable villain involved in Ireland’s economic crisis. He claims that while he is in the minority, he feels the decision to adopt the single currency was a disaster, and that CEE countries may still be able to delay adoption as long as possible.