Politics & Policy|Society
Jana Drlíková|09.01.2012

Czech Senate agrees to ‘strip firms naked’: feeble attempt or cure for corruption?

The Czech upper house of parliament (the Senate) has returned the Public Procurement Act to the lower house (Chamber of Deputies) with two amendements, one of which – requiring winners of public tenders to reveal their full ownership structure in a bid to tackle corruption — is proving especially controversial. Prominent lawyer Daniel Weinhold tells Czech Position that the proposal is a flawed paper tiger.

HOT TOP|Companies|Energy & Green Biz
Eva Jarešová|13.04.2011

More solar investors to sue Czech state

Domestic law firm Glatzová & Co. and Anglo-German firm FBD were the first to have formally informed Czech authorities of their respective clients intention to launch arbitration against the Czech state over the “solar tax.” Now the lesser-known firm Smed Jorgensen is set to follow suit and is joining forces with high-profile arbitrator Ondřej Sekanina.

Eva Jarešová|01.04.2011

Law firms need to keep a close eye on key staff

Recently, two large law firms have not just added lawyers but whole legal teams attracted from other firms. These teams bring lucrative clients with them as well. This method of expansion seems to be the wave of the future, and it also marks the end of the financial crisis on the legal market as firms beef up to renew competition.