Energy & Green Biz
Vratislav Ludvík|03.05.2012

Will Austria and Germany be able to block Czech nuclear power?

Austria is taking steps to ban imports of nuclear produced electricity with Germany to possibly follow suit. But can such steps, which would have a direct impact on Czech state-controlled power company ČEZ and its plans for more nuclear capacity, really be effective or allowed?  Vratislav Ludvík examines the possible scenarios of how this could work out in practice and the impact on the Czech power market.

Chris Johnstone|13.04.2012

Czech Railways mulls low-cost passenger carrier with old rolling stock

Apparently inspired by aviation’s low cost, no frills services, the Czech state passenger rail company is mulling a new low-cost subsidiary that could be launched in neighboring countries and for domestic services.

Economy|Foreign Affairs
Radomír Šimek|12.04.2012

Czech-German relations on firm footing for wider cooperation

Every meeting of Czech and German leaders is accompanied by statements on both sides that mutual relations are on the best level ever in history. The short meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas at the beginning of last week was no exception, though their declarations were by no means down to habit and polite formality, writes commentator Radomír Šimek.

Politics & Policy|Society
Chris Johnstone|10.04.2012

Czech spending watchdog highlights errors in motorway toll roll-out

Czech spending watchdog the Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ) has criticized the way the country introduced motorway  tolls, saying that the tender was biased from the start against satellite  technology with the Transport Ministry failing to take more time to get the tender conditions right.

Politics & Policy|Foreign Affairs
Chris Johnstone|03.04.2012

German Chancellor Merkel and Czech PM Nečas paper over cracks in relationship

Czech and German leaders have different stances on EU fiscal, nuclear power and renewable energy  issues, but in a fleeting Prague visit Prime Minister Petr Nečas and Chancellor Angela Merkel sought to put a thick gloss on their bilateral problem areas — from the energy sector to the EU fiscal pact — and talk up the positive.

Foreign Affairs
Bára Procházková|02.04.2012

Czech-German relations in holding pattern ahead of Merkel’s visit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to Prague on Tuesday will do nothing to jump start bilateral relations. Although after meeting Prime Minister Petr Nečas and President Václav Klaus much will be said about the excellent relationship the two countries enjoy, this has long not been the reality. Economic relations have developed almost out of inertia; promoting mutual interests requires true political cooperation.

Society|Foreign Affairs
Tom Jones|19.03.2012

Ukrainian detained with false passport stating ‘July 55’ expiry date

The Ukrainian national was stopped by police in the village of Pleystein next the Czech-German border who noticed the expiry date in his Lithuanian passport was July 55th, 2016, the server reported Monday, citing Bavarian radio. The man with the false passport reportedly intended to travel to France.   

Chris Johnstone|16.03.2012

Czechs nab int’l auto theft gang targeting Germans, Austrians

Members of a suspected car theft ring, headed by a 61-one year old Czech, which specialized in stealing Volkswagen Group models from Germans and Austrians in the Czech Republic and Germany have been seized by police. Cars were broken down into parts and shipped mainly to Bulgaria and Greece.

Politics & Policy
Chris Johnstone|01.03.2012

Czech president hits out at German foundation over speaker ban

Czech president Václav Klaus says he will consider handing back the prize he recieved from the center-right German  Konrad Adenauer Stifting if reports that it has banned the leader of the small Czech Free Citizens Party speaking at a conference on European fiscal union and the debt crisis. SSO chairman Petr Mach headed Klaus' think tank and shares many of his economic and political views.

Economy|Foreign Affairs
Chris Johnstone|23.02.2012

Ed Fagan says Czechs can cash in from WWII bond claims against German bank and state

US lawyer Ed Fagan says Czechs can profit from his latest attempt to get historic bonds honored. This time round Fagan is targeting Germany and the German bank DekaBank which he says should pay up maybe hundreds of millions of crowns related to bonds issued in the Sudetenland and Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia during WWII.