Chris Johnstone|16.04.2012

Most Czechs say foreigners should make maximum integration efforts

Around three fifths of Czechs believe foreigners settling in the country should make maximum efforts to adopt local habits and copy local habits with learning the language and working in the country regarded as the two most important steps in that direction.

Czech numbers|Society
Raymond Johnston|05.05.2011

Poll: Foreigners take Czech jobs, pose a security risk

A majority of Czechs see substantial drawbacks to having foreigners living in the country, according to a STEM poll. Some 70 percent of respondents said that foreigners deprived Czech people of jobs. Sixty-one percent of respondents said foreign residents living long-term in the country pose a big security risk. As far as assimilation goes, the best thing to do is learn the language, another poll said.

Czech numbers
Raymond Johnston|21.04.2011

Czechs still wary of letting in too many foreigners

The predominant view held by Czechs is that there are too many foreigners in the country, and that they should be allowed to stay long-term only under certain conditions. But over time, the xenophobic attitudes have been easing. People over 60, nonvoters and Communist supporters still tend to hold the most hard-line positions.