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Guest Writer|22.02.2011

The EU’s new politics of movement

European governments have tried to build a single border, a compensatory system of cooperation between police, judges and immigration officers and a common refugee policy. But as the CER’s Hugo Brady writes, hardening attitudes toward immigration and widening policy disagreements between governments and the EU’s institutions are exposing fault-lines in this structure. And the cracks threaten to widen.

Foreign Affairs

EC registers Czech meats as ‘traditional specialities’

The European Commission on Monday added the names of four meat products to the list of "traditional specialities guaranteed" (TSG), which get the TSG protection in the Czech Republic as in Slovakia. The names of the products are Lovecký salám, Liptovský salám, Špekáčky and Spišské párky for the Czech Republic and Lovecká saláme, Lipovská saláma, Špekačky and Spišské párky for Slovakia.

Foreign Affairs

EC urges Czechs to comply with flood prevention rules

The European Commission said Wednesday it is urging the Czech Republic and Austria to ensure EU environmental legislation is implemented at national level or face being taken to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) — with the possibility of fines — over cases concerning flood prevention legislation.

Markets & Finance
Brian Kenety|03.02.2011

Czechs ask EU to keep UK, German CO2 markets shut despite security review

Five European carbon registries can reopen Friday, as the EC has finalized its review of the first reports from EU ETS national registries about the adequacy of security measures following the theft of millions of EUAs from the Czech Republic and other countries by computer hackers. But the Czech OTE will remain closed for weeks to come and has asked the EC DG Climate Action to reconsider opening registries in the UK and Germany as doing so ‘threatens’ the ongoing police investigation.

Politics & Policy
Mollie McGurk|22.12.2010

Brussels rejects call to criminalize communist crime denial

The European Union has rejected a call to criminalize the denial of communist crimes. A report released Wednesday said there is no “one size fits all model” in the EU to deal with past totalitarian crimes.

HOT TOP|Foreign Affairs
Brian Kenety|03.12.2010

EC regulations on security of gas supply come into force

With the new regulations — based on the lessons drawn from the Russian-Ukrainian gas crisis of January 2009 — Brussels aims to ensure ‘bidirectional’ flows of natural gas in times of emergency.

Czech numbers|Society
Raymond Johnston|28.11.2010

Czech adolescents rank among most active online

Two-thirds of Czech adolescents encountered some online risks. Czech teens were among the leaders in sending and receiving sexually oriented messages, according to an EU-backed survey. They also were among Europe’s leaders in online bullying but were above average in finding that the Internet had a lot of positive things to offer such as finding interesting information and real friendships.