Markets & Finance|Economy
Chris Johnstone|29.02.2012

Former Czech bank governor to advise Brussels on bank reforms

Zdeněk Tůma has been named to an advisory committee which should propose what reforms to make to the EU's banking sector. The advisory group has been put together to advise interventionist French Commissioner Michel Barnier, although Tůma has not been noted in the past for favoring too much central or local regulatory measures.

Energy & Green Biz
Chris Johnstone|20.06.2011

ČEZ ready to exit German miner MIBRAG: report

Czech state-controlled power collosus ČEZ is ready to sell its half share in German mining company MIBRAG to joint owner Energetický a Průmyslový Holding (EPH), according to the Czech weekly Týden. It says the deal is prompted by another deal to sell EPH a power plant together with long-term coal supplies and the looming outcome of a probe by European Commission competition watchdogs.