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Kateřina Menzelová|20.04.2012

What’s missing from the new public tenders law

Perhaps no new Czech law has been anticipated with such great hopes — both justified and idealistic — as the amended law on public tenders. The legislation aimed at cutting out corrupt practices from public contracts came into force on April 1. While the law is certainly a step in the right direction, as indicated by the rush to churn out tenders under the provisions of the old law before it expired, it is still far from ideal.

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Kateřina Menzelová|10.04.2012

Dash to beat new Czech public tender rules

Despite the fact that stricter regulations governing Czech public tenders — aimed at stamping out corrupt practices — came into force on April 1, the old rules will continue to influence “the game” for some time yet. What’s more, it appears the new regulations are not completely resistant to manipulation. Czech Position tracks what went on with public tenders just before the April 1 deadline.

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Brian Kenety|30.11.2011

Interview: AmCham’s Weston Stacey on public procurement bill, new ‘Wings’ award winners

The American Chamber of Commerce has been lobbying Czech MPs to change the public procurement law to increase transparency and accountability; this month, it presented the new AmCham Wings Award to lawyer Daniel Weinhold and Skanska head Dan Ťok for their work on the Platform for Transparency in Public Procurement. AmCham head Weston Stacey tells Czech Position about the chamber’s work in this regard.

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Kateřina Menzelová|08.06.2011

Jilted giants, victorious unknowns: public tenders in the Czech Republic

The global construction company Skanska has come up with an original initiative to deal with the idiosyncrasies of the world of Czech public tenders. The Swedish-based company has established a subsidiary, Skanska kvalifikační, the sole aim of which is to participate in public tenders with unreasonable financial conditions.

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Kateřina Menzelová|25.03.2011

Skanska ready to sue Transport Ministry

Transport Minister Vít Bárta has accused the construction firm Skanska of cutting corners on projects for the state’s Road and Motorway Directorate — and erected signs along some roads denigrating the construction company’s work. Skanska CR managing director Dan Ťok tells Czech Position that the builder is ready to sue the Transport Ministry if the controversial billboards are not removed.



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Kateřina Menzelová|18.03.2011

Bárta claims Skanska ‘cut corners’ on road works

Transport Minister Vít Bárta has gone public with further charges against the construction giant Skanska — the ministry’s largest contractor — accusing the Swedish-owned company Thursday of “cutting corners” by delivering shoddy work on a number of roads and motorways. In financial terms, the ministry’s claims amount to nearly Kč 1 billion, Bárta said, and he wants Skanska to make amends.