Chris Johnstone|16.04.2012

Most Czechs say foreigners should make maximum integration efforts

Around three fifths of Czechs believe foreigners settling in the country should make maximum efforts to adopt local habits and copy local habits with learning the language and working in the country regarded as the two most important steps in that direction.

Society|Foreign Affairs
Brian Kenety|20.09.2011

Playwright Tom Stoppard lends support to ‘vulnerable’ Czech language


Oscar-winning British playwright Sir Tom Stoppard has signed on to a 3,000-strong petition to protect and promote “vulnerable” modern languages at Scottish universities, including Russian, Polish and his mother tongue — Czech.

Chris Johnstone|16.09.2011

Czechs seek language parity against Russian invasion

The spread of Russian language only signs and adverts in the popular spa town of Karlovy Vary and the ongoing use of German in border areas to part rich tourists from their cash has sparked a backlash among Czech locals. A bill expected to be voted on in several weeks demands equal prominence for the Czech language on all such advertising material, with stiff fines for those who don’t comply.