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Brian Kenety|02.12.2011

WikiLeaks’ ‘Spy Files’ point finger at Czech firm Phonexia

Do you use an iPhone, BlackBerry or Gmail? “Well, you’re all screwed,” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said this week, unveiling the whistleblower’s new ‘Spy Files’ project, which purports to expose how the private sector is making a fortune in global surveillance by developing high-tech gadgets allowing governments to track their citizens’ private communications. The Czech firm Phonexia is among the “collaborators.”

Martin Rychlík|13.01.2011

US government orders list of elite Czech scientists

The Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) and state investment agency CzechInvest are both compiling databases of top scientists in an effort to spark interest abroad for international cooperation, with the latter concentrating on industry and research institutions. The ČVUT list has already been ordered by the US government and will be more extensive than previous efforts. CzechInvest’s list concentrates on industry and research institutions. But not all Czechs applaud the efforts.