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Tom Jones|17.04.2012

Prague stops payments for ring-road bridge

Inženýring dopravních staveb (IDS), the firm employed by Prague City Hall to oversee the construction of Tunnel Blanka and the new section of the Prague interior ring road, has stopped paying invoices from the construction firm Metrostav for the construction of the new road bridge across the River Vltava after costs rocketed to Kč 1.1 billion.

Chris Johnstone|08.02.2012

Czech launches Corrupt Tour firm offering graft landmark visits

Hoping to prove that not only the bad guys can profit from graft, a Czech has created a tour company which invites customers to visit some of the country’s many corruption landmarks. There is a lot to offer in Prague and its surroundings but centers of corruption interest are also offered away from the capital.

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Chris Johnstone|30.01.2012

Westinghouse signs up Czech builder Metrostav as partner in Temelín bid

Westinghouse has signed an exclusive partnership with the Czech Republic’s biggest local construction company, Metrostav, in a bid to put it ahead of rival bidders for the contract to build two new nuclear reactors at the Temelín plant. If Westinghouse wins, the reward for Metrostav — which has no nuclear experience but has worked on ČEZ  contracts to build conventional power plants — should be around a third of the value of the whole Kč 200 billion deal.

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Tom Jones|18.01.2012

Road tunnel to swallow almost half of Prague investment budget

Almost half of Prague City Hall’s Kč 12 billion investment budget for 2012 is to be spent on the Blanka road tunnel. The city’s public transport company (DPP) will receive just Kč 10 million from the investment budget for projecting a new metro line. City Hall is now counting on receiving Kč 3 billion in from the EU to finance the ongoing extension of the A Line of the metro system.

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Tom Jones|15.12.2011

Prague assembly passes 2012 budget

Prague’s elected assembly on Thursday approved the municipal budget for 2012 based on total revenues of Kč 37.2 billion and spending amounting to Kč 43.9 billion. The budget plan counts on a 5 percent cut in standard spending, which City Hall says will affect almost all areas dependent on municipal funding.

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Ondřej Koutník|29.07.2011

Prague mayor hires White & Case to shed light on tunnel

Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda (Civic Democrats, ODS) has hired the prestigious international law firm of White & Case to ascertain why the projected costs of building the controversial Blanka Tunnel complex project — originally set at Kč 26 billion — have jumped by Kč 10 billion. Svoboda surprised his political opponents in the coalition that controls the Czech capital in taking the aggressive step.

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Martin Shabu|11.03.2011

Diplomatic savings — a carnaval of absurdity

As a result of savings measures, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now has 333 fewer employees and several Czech diplomatic missions have been closed. While all attempts to save money in the public sector should be applauded, it’s nevertheless necessary to ask whether the initiative in the foreign ministry has made sense. Several interested parties claim the savings measures were unjustified and the positive results are negligible.

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Kateřina Menzelová|02.03.2011

Prague leaders in dark about Blanka Tunnel completion

The Prague City Council meeting this week did little to answer the quintessential questions about the controversial Blanka Tunnel complex: Who will complete it, when, and at what cost to the Czech capital? Meanwhile, a source has told Czech Position that commissions could run from 40 to 50 percent of total costs in the now Kč 36 billion megaproject.

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Miloslav Kala|25.02.2011

What exactly is ‘corruption’?

Corruption — defined by the international watchdog Transparency International as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain” — affects many fields of the public environment; consultancy firms have brought these methods to perfection, achieving “tailor-made fully guaranteed risk-free corruption,” writes Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ) vice chairman Miloslav Kala in the first installment of Czech Position’s anti-corruption handbook.

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Kateřina Menzelová|17.02.2011

Trója bridge still lacks building permit

The Trója bridge, which will cross the Vltava river and connect to the controversial Blanka tunnel complex, certainly won’t be completed on schedule as a construction permit for the structure has yet to be issued. The bridge constitutes a considerable portion of the Blanka tunnel project’s projected costs, some of which are set to be re-examined as the project is growing far more expensive than originally planned.