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Kateřina Menzelová|23.01.2012

Books not closed on controversial National Digital Library project tender

To illustrate what critics say is the lamentable state of the National Digital Library project, the former head of the group for long-term protection of data within the project came up with a striking analogy. “The [Czech] National Library wanted a smartphone and got an ordinary mobile phone. ... Unfortunately, try as you might, you cannot make a smartphone from a mobile.” Within the specialist circles, not a single librarian came out in favor of the winning bidder.

Kateřina Menzelová|06.01.2012

National Digital Library project under heavy fire

Two days after Alena Hanáková (TOP 09-STAN) became culture minister she wrote National Library director Tomáš Böhm asking him to postpone signing the acceptance protocol of the Kč 255 million National Digital Library implementation project. If he signed the document, the National Library would de facto be approving the digitalization solution designed by local firm Logica; critics of the untested system still hope the contract can be cancelled.

Kateřina Menzelová|04.01.2012

National Digital Library: dissatisfied experts are deserting the ship

The group of experts that helped manage the National Digital Library project – already two years behind schedule – have resigned. Some were baffled how a small Czech firm was able to steamroller over multinational giants to win the tender and quit in protest; others were pressured to leave. The management of the National Library, which is involved in the project, refuses to accept there is a problem.