Pavel Blažek to be named Czech justice minister

Set to be named justice minister, Pavel Blažek, known as ‘Mr Invisible,’ is the only ODS party vice chair not in government or parliament

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Staff Writer | 02.07.2012
Pavel Blažek was named an ODS vice chairman in 2010

Civic Democrat (ODS) deputy chairman Pavel Blažek is set to be named the new justice minister on Tuesday, less than a week after fellow party member Jiří Pospíšil was unexpectedly sacked for alleged poor financial management.

Prime Minister Petr Nečas (ODS) said Monday that President Václav Klaus would make the appointment tomorrow. Despite his status, Blažek, who has taught at the law faculty of Masaryk University in Brno, is a relatively low-profile politician — known as “Mr Invisible.” He is currently the only party vice chairman not in government or in parliament.

Nečas told reporters Wednesday he had lost confidence in Pospíšil’s ability to manage the ministry and its finances and called for more funds at a time when the center-right government is implementing across-the-board cuts in an effort to rein in spending.

However, there is speculation in that Pospíšil was axed because he failed to appoint a new head of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office (VSZ) in Prague, whose tasks include overseeing the CASA investigation, to Nečas’ liking. According to trusted sources within the ODS, Pospíšil was set to name Lenka Bradáčová— who represents a threat to certain vested interests —to the post. 

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