Foreign minister offers Libyan rebels support

The Czech foreign minister offered Libyan rebels material assistance and advice on transition initiatives but no recognition for now

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Tom Jones | 14.06.2011

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg met with a representative of the Libyan Transition Council, Mohammed Al-Allagi, in Prague on Monday. The meeting was the first top-level meeting between Czech officials and a representative of the Libyan rebels. Al-Allagi is responsible for justice and human rights within the fledgling rebel administration.

“The subject of the talks was the current situation in Libya and also assessment of material and expert assistance from the Czech Republic, including an offer of transitional experience,” the Czech Foreign Ministry said in a press release.  

However, it remains unclear if or when the Czech Republic will recognize the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC). “Talks are talks. They do not mean recognition,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Vít Kolář told Czech Position. He declined to comment about the possibility of the Czech Republic officially recognizing the NTC as the legitimate leadership of Libya. ‘Talks are talks. They do not mean recognition.’

On Monday, Germany followed France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Gambia, Senegal and Australia in recognizing the NTC as the legitimate representative of Libya.

The US and Russia and several other countries are sticking by more indefinite formula of recognising the NTC as a legitimate representative of Libya, leaving the door open for recognition to be given to other organizations. 

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