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Tom Jones|19.03.2012

Ukrainian detained with false passport stating ‘July 55’ expiry date

Ukrainian resident in Czech Republic attempted to travel abroad using a fake Lithuanian passport

The Ukrainian national was stopped by police in the village of Pleystein next the Czech-German border who noticed the expiry date in his Lithuanian passport was July 55th, 2016, the server reported Monday, citing Bavarian radio. The man with the false passport reportedly intended to travel to France.   

Foreign Affairs
Martin Shabu|19.03.2012

Foreign trips bring simmering Czech gov’t disharmony to boil

In theory, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates all trips made by government ministers; in practice, things are a bit different. Thus within a week of one another, the Czech foreign and defense ministers will touch down in Vietnam to court bemused local officials. Coordination is often sacrificed because of coalition jealousies, officials says.

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Chris Johnstone|16.03.2012

Czech ambassador to Thailand to be tried for abuse of office

A court date has been set for the Czech ambassador to Thailand to face charges of abuse of public office over an alleged scam in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was billed for seminars across SE Asia which never took place.

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Martin Shabu|15.03.2012

Czechs stall requests for EU fund repayments as concerns heighten over local programs

The spotlight has been put on serious European Commission reservations over Czech supervision of the way its funding is spent and administered as the Finance Ministry says it will not be seeking reimbursement of cash for two key structural fund programs until June.  By then, Prague hopes to have satisfied Brussels with stepped up supervision which will deflect a much more damaging funding freeze.

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Tom Jones|15.03.2012

Czech officers among peacekeepers besieged at Egyptian base

Two Czech officers are with an international force in the Sinai desert,Egypt, that has been surrounded by around 300 Bedouin tribesmen according to  Czech Radio (ČRO). The Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) force is mostly made up of Colombian and Uruguayan troops.

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Chris Johnstone|14.03.2012

Czech regions qualify for continued EU aid

The whole of the Czech Republic  outside of the capital, Prague, comes in below the 75 percent EU average wealth ceiling and should therefore qualified for continued EU funding, according to new wealth figures based on Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ) data.

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Brian Kenety|12.03.2012

Iceland’s exports: volcanic ash, Björk – and Haarde justice for Europe’s leaders?

The fallout from Eyjafjallajökull — the Icelandic volcano that spewed a cloud of ash from the British Isles to beyond the Baltics — is nothing compared to the political ramifications the ongoing trial of Iceland’s former prime minister could bring. Geir Haarde will go down in history as the first world leader to face criminal charges over the 2008 financial crisis that brought Europe to its knees. But will he be the last?

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Tom Jones|12.03.2012

Germans and Austrians protest against Temelín on Fukushima anniversary

Anti-nuclear protestors gathered in Mitterteich, Bavaria, on Sunday —  the first anniversary of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan — to voice their opposition to nuclear power in general, and specifically against expanding the Temelín power plant in South Bohemia, where the Czech state-controlled power major ČEZ intends to construct two new reactor blocks by 2025. 

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Chris Johnstone|08.03.2012

Czech president admits humiliation over ‘pen stealing’ incident

If Czech president Václav Klaus is remembered for anything worldwide it will probably not be for his Euroskepticism, denial of mainstream climate change beliefs, or staunch free-market liberal economic views: it will be for a few seconds of footage in which he “stole” a pen during a state visit to Chile. Klaus, who has a reputation for hubris and arrogance, has now publicly admitted how much the incident hurt him.

Politics & Policy|Economy|Foreign Affairs
Martin Shabu|08.03.2012

Economic diplomacy: real export help or a tour agency for minister’s mates?

Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kuba (ODS) proudly unveiled his proposal for economic diplomacy to play a key role in boosting exports and diversifying sales abroad to reduce dependence on a struggling Europe. But he failed to get the foreign ministry on board beforehand — and it has a long list of complaints about allegedly major flaws in Kuba’s proposal.