Czech Literature Night goes European

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Michael Stein | 16.05.2012

Vienna’s literature night will feature Czech screen legend Zdenka Procházková, star of classic Czech films such as And the Fifth Horseman Is Fear, reading the work of another classic, Karel Hynek Mácha. A German translation of Mácha’s seminal epic poem ‘Máj’ will be presented along with an exhibition of Mácha’s life and work prepared by the Museum of Czech Literature.

Perhaps the most unorthodox event of all will take place in Berlin, where local Czech inhabitants of the German capital involved in presenting Czech culture will select their favorite Czech books and writers to read and discuss at Shakespeare and Sons bookstore, with authors including Petra Hůlová, Ferdinand Peroutka and Pavel Kohout.

Other highlights of ELN include the Stockholm release of Nanobook by Czech rock band Tata Bojs bassist Mardoša and illustrated by fellow band member Milan Cais. In Madrid there will be a tribute night to Václav Havel, while Tomáš Zmeškal will participate in Amsterdam’s ELN.

European Literature Night, May 16

Program in different cities available here 

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Too late - this event already occurred!

I really dislike it when Czech Position daily email summary includes an article about an event that has already occurred & doesn't give us readers advance notice so we can attend the event! I am sorry I missed this event, as I did not know it was going to happen.


Please, give us some advance notice!

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