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Vratislav Ludvík|03.05.2012

Will Austria and Germany be able to block Czech nuclear power?

Mooted plans to ban nuclear power exports in Austria and Germany would have profound effects on the biggest Czech electricity firm ČEZ

Austria is taking steps to ban imports of nuclear produced electricity with Germany to possibly follow suit. But can such steps, which would have a direct impact on Czech state-controlled power company ČEZ and its plans for more nuclear capacity, really be effective or allowed?  Vratislav Ludvík examines the possible scenarios of how this could work out in practice and the impact on the Czech power market.

Energy & Green Biz
Chris Johnstone|28.02.2012

Czech power giant ČEZ 2011 profit slips, overshoots expectations

Czech energy giant ČEZ announced a drop in net profits for 2011 but said they were still better than it had expected, given stagnant demand for electricity on its home market and unchanged power production. It says results should pick up this year. Completion of two new nuclear reactors at Temelín and expansion of renewables abroad are the group’s forward-looking priorities.