Czechs set electric scooter world record

Prague to Paris, that is the equivalent distance set by a Czech team for an electric scooter in 24 hours in their successful world record bid

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Chris Johnstone | 20.09.2011
One of the riders on the successful long-distance record bid

A Czech team are claiming a world record for the longest distance covered on an electric scooter in 24 hours.

Czech scooter brand AKUMOTO and national electricity company ČEZ teamed up for the world record attempt on Monday and Tuesday with the standard scooter with no special changes eventually clocking up 1,136.3 kilometers.

The scooter marathon organizers say the distance covered — equivalent to the journey between Prague and Paris — required just 40.8 kWh and cost Kč 190, around €8, in terms of normal electricity prices.

‘The aim of the action was to demonstrate the traveling qualities and uses of electric scooters.’

“The aim of the action was to demonstrate the traveling qualities and uses of electric scooters,” said AKUMOTO’s sales manager Lukáš Drahovzal. “Given that modern electric scooters in principle have exchangeable batteries, we were interested in learning just how far electric scooters could go in a set period,” he added, saying that the final result was beyond their most optimistic forecasts.

State-controlled electricity company ČEZ has taken steps to back the development of electric vehicles in the face of reservations from many of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers who have, over the decades, invested fortunes in perfecting petrol-powered models and technology.

“This action corresponds to our activity which is to show the public the advantage of a whole range of electric vehicles whether that is electric scooters, electric car, electric bicycles or electric buses,” commented ČEZ’s clean technology manager, Tomáš Chmelík.

ČEZ announced in May its intention to install 50 charging points for electric cars and 200 by 2013 to help encourage their sales with electricity charges at special tariffs to encourage customers to make the switch. The Czech power company also teamed up with French auto producer Peugeot, which is providing 65 electric cars to help in ČEZ pilot projects to help promote such cars.

ČEZ’s Chmelík said it is now seeking to test electric-powered vans and trucks with the target of adapting its network of recharging sites for electric-powered vehicles. 

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