CZECH POSITION is an elite news and information portal for demanding users and readers. Together with ČESKÁ POZICE it publishes exclusive and reliable news and information in separate Czech and English-language versions, both of which have mobile Internet editions.

CZECH POSITION focuses on decisive issues in Czech politics, business, and society 24-hours a day, analyzes the full background of top stories, exposes the motives and network of interrelations of the fi gures involved, and forecasts the consequences in both domestic and international contexts. As such, the portal is a valuable source of information for leading names in the worlds of business and society.

CZECH POSITION benefi ts from access to exclusive information from primary sources. Our advanced methods for verifying information and putting it into context allow us to publish extremely reliable news nearly in real time. The Internet technology employed lets registered users personalize all services to meet their specific needs and provides a wide choice of communication channels. This also enables CZECH POSITION to provide precise targeting for advertizing partners.

The international team of highly experienced editors and journalists has exceptional contacts with a wide range of key decision  makers and politics and business insiders. The cornerstone of CZECH POSITION is lucid writing with a high degree of interactivity.