Terms & Conditions

Access to the pages of the Czech Position/Česká pozice website (hereinafter “Website”) and use thereof is subject to the following conditions (“Conditions”). Upon entering the Website the User is deemed to have accepts all of the Conditions. The Website provider (“Provider”) reserves the right to change the Conditions without notice prior to publishing the new Conditions on the Website. Users of the Website are obliged to familiarize themselves with the Conditions and possible changes thereto. By continuing to use the Website following changes to the Conditions the User is deemed to have accepted the new Conditions.


The Website is provided “as it is”. The Provider will endeavor to ensure that the Website functions correctly and is free of technical error. However, the Provider does not provide any guarantee, either directly or implicitly, against errors or non-functionality. The Provider does not take any responsibility for computer viruses and damage caused there from as a consequence of using the Website. The Provider does not take responsibility for unauthorized changes to the Website, technical failure, errors or any other faults which may occur during provision of the Website.


The Provider endeavors to ensure that content published on the Website is truthful, accurate, but nevertheless does not guarantee that the information published on the Website is truthful, complete and accurate. The Provider does not bear responsibility for any damages that may arise from publication on the Website of untruthful, incomplete or inaccurate information. The Provider does not bear any responsibility for damages that may arise from use of the Website, inability to use the Website, or for any dealings undertaken as a result of usage of the Website. The User bear all risks which arise from usage of the Website, reference there to including its content, and dependence on the verity and accuracy of information published on the Website. The User is advised against taking any important decisions, be they personal, financial or business-related, on the basis of information provided on the Website.


The Website may contain hyperlinks to other Internet pages. The Provider does not provide any guarantee for the content of hyperlinked web pages and does not bear any responsibilities for such pages.   


The Provider reserves all rights and provides the User with a free non-transferable license to use the content of the Website. The license is provided only for standard use of the Website for the personal needs of the User with the following limitations. The User is not permitted to replace, change, copy, distribute, transfer, publish, rent or sell original or copied or adapted content of the Website or to create materials based upon or deduced there from; The User is not permitted to use content of the Website for any purposes which contravene the Conditions or the applicable legal guidelines. The User may not use content of the Website in any way which could reduce the value of the product or damage, disable, burden or limit the functioning of the servers used by the Provider or disrupt use of or limit access to those servers.      


These Conditions and use of the Website are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic and the Provider and User agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Czech courts in the event of dispute arising from use of the Website.


Discussion Rules

Discussion on the CZECH POSITION web is open to users that have registered and logged on. We prefer as little regulation as possible, however we insist on respecting legal restrictions and the norms of polite interpersonal communications.

Comments that contain the following are not permissible:

  • promotion of racial, national, religious, gender and other intolerance,
  • the threat of violence to individuals or groups of people,
  • the direct promotion of commercial activities and advertising for products or services,
  • the promotion of any illegal activities whatsoever,
  • legally protected personal data, an infringement of individuals’ right to privacy,
  • information that is protected by law as classified,
  • identification data of the victims of criminal acts,
  • all forms of bullying and stalking,
  • any kind of spam.

Links to internet content that includes the above elements are also not allowed. We likewise consider comments that contain vulgar and insulting expressions or their sense is implicitly vulgar or insulting to be unsuitable. Furthermore, the use of nicknames and electronic mail addresses that are commutable with the names of public figures as well as commercial, political, administrative and other public organisations are unsuitable.

CZECH POSITION is entitled to remove comments that infringe these rules.

We thank you for your understanding.