About the project

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  • an elite information website for discerning readers;
  • it contains separate Czech and English versions;
  • it focuses on the decisive issues of Czech politics, business and society;
  • exclusive information from direct sources; analysed and published in what is effectively real time and with extreme reliability;
  • it uses the work of an international team of experienced professionals and an extensive network of qualified correspondents from the Czech Republic and abroad.

What vision does ČESKÁ POZICE/CZECH POSITION have for entering the Czech media market?

The ČESKÁ POZICE/CZECH POSITION information website is the response of professionals to the media challenges of the 21st century. It aims to satisfy the needs of the elite and the middle class, who lack a modern, reliable medium. We shall not inundate the public arena with trivial news items, but shall instead focus on key events and processes. We shall only select relevant information and put it in its proper context. We do not share the uncritical, servile attitude of most Czech media towards the institutions and norms of the European Union. And we are strictly neutral in political terms. We do not intend to let ourselves be subjected to the manipulation brought to bear by lethal collaboration of degenerate politics and crooked businesses to try and dictate media content. On the contrary, we want to cooperate with honorable politicians and honest businessmen. We will create a civilized medium of communication with them.

How can one most effectively communicate with the ČESKÁ POZICE/CZECH POSITION website?

To contact the editorial team, please use the universal e-mail address info@ceskapozice.cz. For the English version write to news@czechposition.com. Alternatively, you can also contact any member of our team as required.

We provide a list of contacts under the following links: Editorial Team, Advertising and Léko Media Group.

ČESKÁ POZICE/CZECH POSITION’s pages on the Facebook (www.facebook.com/ceskapozice) and Twitter social networks can also be used for two-way communication. (www.twitter.com/ceskapozice). We do not publish any of our website’s informational content on these networks. They serve to provide information about behind-the-scenes events concerning the editorial team and the Léko Media Group. 

Thank you for your interest and we hope you have a pleasant and successful winter.